Latest Update on Stop Thirty Traffic Light

March 4, 2019

Via Bob Walsh

As of 3-4-19 the Stop Thirty Rd. traffic light is having its plan adjusted by the contractor. The City’s consultant found a small item that needed to be adjusted. The revision should be submitted within two weeks. However, the lead time on the poles is nine months, which means November or December if it does take that long.

January  24, 2019

Via Randy Daly from Ham Frost:

The contract for the traffic light at Stop 30, Gallatin Rd. and Bluegrass Commons has been executed and sent to the contractor for their signature. The only thing remaining is construction. The concrete pillars that hold the poles will be poured first and need 30-45 days to cure. Hopefully the installation of the poles will not be far behind.

It will be good to see the lights operational. This has been a long time coming.


January 6, 2019

Via Randy Daly: This from Ham Frost, our city commissioner for Stoneybrook. Ham is stepping away from his place on the board, and will most likely be looking at other ways he can serve our city.


Great news. Chip Moore our PW Director just texted me that the bids for the traffic light ( opened today at 4 pm ) at Gallatin Rd. and Bluegrass Commons Dr. came in way under the anticipated  cost.. The budgeted cost was  $250,000 and the bid came in at  $ 185,000. He will advise me of when the contract will be signed and the possible start date. As you know Chip will be leaving the city due to conflicts with mayor, but has promised me he will keep me informed as to the movement on this project until his leave date.

Thank you all for your patience on this. Unfortunately government moves slow, but the traffic light is coming.

Ham Frost


October 25, 2018

Via Randy Daly: I just received this email from Hamilton Frost our alderman concerning the Traffic Light and wanted to let everyone know.


The Public Works Dept. is waiting on a letter detailing the location and any conflicts with utilities at the intersection of Stop 30, Gallatin Rd. And Bluegrass Commons Dr. This should be in Chips office soon. If there are no conflicts it will go out to bid by the 25th for 3-4 weeks.

After bids are received and a contract signed we will start ordering materials in December with construction beginning shortly thereafter.

We are now in the home stretch.

Ham Frost


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