Board Members Needed – reasons it should be you . . .

Board Members Needed – reasons it should be you . . .

Three new members are needed for the Villages of Stoneybrook HOA Board of Directors . . . contact Lee Ryser, Bill Bowen or Barbara McGinnis to express an interest or make a nomination.

Listed below are reasons to be on an HOA Board from 3 different sources – YOU should be on the board, or at the very least twist your neighbors arm to serve on the board.

  1. To protect you property values and maintain the quality of life you expect in your community.
  2. To correct a problem within your community. Perhaps parking is an issue, or maintenance has been neglected.
  3. To give back to your community and neighbors.
  4. To be sociable, meet your neighbors, and make friends.
  5. To advance your career and build your personal resume by including your leadership capacity and community volunteer service.
  6. To have fun accomplishing things around your community together with your neighbors. Being on the Board doesn’t always have to be negative.
  7. To get educated on the many facets of running a community association such as; the many laws and regulations, maintenance and repair, and understanding financials.
  8. To express yourself and be creative while offering your opinion on solutions to your communities’ day to day problems.
  9. To earn recognition from your peers for your contributions to the community.
  10. To advance the ‘givers gain’ mentality of improving society as a whole while assisting your neighbors throughout the community. As you can see, joining your Community Association Board of Directors can be rewarding in many ways.


  1. Protect Your Property

One of the top priorities of every homeowner is to protect the value of his or her home.  Being involved with an HOA will put you in a better position to make and implement rules in your community. Some of these regulations will directly affect property value, especially if they require decisions about the association’s budget or routine maintenance.

  1. Correct Problems

Are you noticing problems in your community, such as lack of parking and maintenance? Maybe there’s a problem with unruly neighbors? You can take charge now and help to correct them by being a part of the board.

  1. Meet More of your Expectations

Did you have certain expectations when you bought your home in the community? Are your expectations being met? It is unlikely unless you are among the lucky few. By serving on an HOA board, you can achieve your expectations of a more perfect community much sooner by working with your neighbors.

  1. Gain Better Understanding of the Laws

Volunteering as a board member will make you well-versed in laws and regulations related to community associations and maintenance. It will also give you a good grasp of finances and budgeting.

  1. Have Fun Experiences

Taking on some of your association’s tasks does not have to be a boring. It can be fun, especially when you get to socialize, work with your neighbors and come up with creative ideas on how to make your community run better.

  1. Learn Life Lessons

As an HOA board member, you learn valuable life lessons about working as a team. You learn to share your interests and responsibilities with others, and at the same time, you understand the importance of valuing others’ opinions before making decisions.

  1. Help Build a Resume

Did you know volunteering with a homeowner’s association can help build your resume and perhaps help advance your career? Any kind of community volunteer service is favorable in the eyes of future employers.

  1. Learn Leadership Skills

Serving on an HOA can teach you more than what you imagine. It gives you a chance to hone, leadership skills, take charge of issues and work with others to fix them. Your organizational skills are sure to take a leap too when you organize holiday dinners and get-togethers in your community.

  1. Give Back to the Community

One way to give back to your neighbors and community is to serve on your association’s board, which allows the opportunity to make good decisions that will have a positive impact on everyone.

  1. Meet Neighbors


An HOA meeting is the best place to meet your neighbors and to know more about them. It gives you a chance to socialize and make friends with others living in your neighborhood.

  • You want to better your community. Are you someone that recognizes problems and comes up with reasonable solutions? Are you passionate about protecting property value and making improvements that benefit members as a whole?
  • You have a desire to serve. If you’re someone who is driven by giving back to others and helping the association to run as effectively as possible, board membership may be a good step for you.
  • You take problems in stride. For as many suggestions as the HOA gets, they also receive their share of complaints. Are you someone who remains calm and can deal with stressful situations without losing your cool? Sometimes the board must come up with creative solutions to resolve problems while still maintaining compliance.
  • You’re open to differing viewpoints. There is often more than one “right” way to do something, so board members must be willing to listen to others’ opinions and ideas.
  • You want to become a better leader. Serving on the board can be a wonderful opportunity to develop your leadership skills and learn from others who are experienced board members. You can bring fresh ideas while also learning the ins and outs of running an HOA and working with diverse people.
  • You don’t need recognition. Being part of the HOA board is often a thankless job. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes that members may not realize. Are you okay with putting in the work because it’s the right thing to do, not because you’re looking for praise from others?

As part of the HOA board, you’ll be on the front lines of helping to plan for the future and ensure that your association is working in the best interest of homeowners.