Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

Greetings villagers of Stoneybrook!

As you will know the holidays are upon us.

In Lieu of our extended families, many of our villagers celebrate Christmas on Thanksgiving holiday, with one part of their family. And then celebrate Christmas on Christmas, with the other part of their family. Some of the villagers have inquired about our Christmas Decour for the villages; and have asked if the Christmas elves could decorate our village for Christmas before Thanksgiving, so that the family members that are coming in, could experience holiday cheer!

We have contacted the Christmas elves and they have agreed to decorate early; but want to express that this in no way, does away with the essence of gratitude that we all want to embrace,  and what Thanksgiving helps us to be a ever mindful of!

This email is just to inform you as to why the Christmas decorations are in joyful adornment early!

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, with the backdrop of continuous gratitude of living in such a great place, with such great neighbors, in such bounty!

The HOA board
Randy Daly