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Painting and Dryvit repairs for condo’s facelift . . . update from Karen Daly 5-6-17
I have painted my garage doors and the dryvit surrounding the garage doors in the new colors. I have only applied one coat of paint. Weather permitting, we will put second coat on today. I will have to say the colors work beautifully with the brick and are warm and inviting. Please walk over or drive by and take a look.
I was able to get the paint at contractors rate- yay-
We have received 3 bids to do this work. There are dryvit repairs that need to be done. Some folks have birds building nests in their dryvit. ( This is not unusual with dryvit). The small spots, that aren’t up really high are easy enough to patch. The difficulty comes on the backs of condos, up high. A bucket would have to be rented to patch and paint.
The HOA is considering doing this in steps. They have not said yet whether they intend to pay all of the costs. I know, and understand, that many of you strongly agree the HOA should incur the costs. I’m not in disagreement. As the one spearheading this project, the delays, are extremely tedious and stressful.
We have a family that lives in the villages of Stoneybrook that has a CervPro business. He has given us a bid. His bid came in, in the middle, not the highest, not the lowest. He has a vested interest in this renewal project, because of the property value aspect. And he lives here, which is advantageous, because he can be reached easily, now and later down the road. He is who I would choose for this job.
The low bid was given by contractor who has done work for our neighborhood in the past. I was told he was who was contracted to caulk windows and doors recently. Whoever he hired to do that work, should not have been caulking- evidence shows it to be a mess made.
The high bid, was a specialist on dryvit and that’s why I asked him to come out in the first place. Very nice man. He actually would be here working with his team. I really like him, and know he would do a great job.
The bids are broken down to an overall, and by individual condos. As it was broken down, its about $400-$500 dollars to repair clean and paint fronts of condos- dryvit and garage doors.
There is another choice. I have a professional team of painters that could paint the fronts of the condos. I have not presented this to the board formally, but we do have this less expensive option. This option would be involving a little hands on from those who are willing and able, to help with cleaning the dryvit and garage doors, and removing the windows from the doors, for cleaning. Then the team to paint could work their magic . This process would take a little longer, but could begin immediately, rather than waiting for the HOA to work out their details!!!

Yay, thank you
Karen Daly