Construction Damage Help Requested

Construction Damage Help Requested

Over the week end, a major piece of equipment from the construction work, was found to have the engine running over night.

When Randy Daly found the motor running, he reported it to Domus (developer) and Benchmark (contractor).

The contractor contends his personnel did not leave it running and that the equipment was significantly damaged as a result. He contacted the Hendersonville Police Department to file a vandalism report and asked them to patrol the project site.

The developer has asked Randy Daly (HOA president) to please send an email to all the VOS HOA members that includes the following:

  • If anyone knows anything or saw anything please have them email the developer (  or contact the Hendersonville Police Department.
  • Please advise everyone that this event is a serious safety issue. If this type of equipment were to be engaged and start moving it is not easily stopped and poses serious threat to people and property.
  • Please continue with neighborhood watch efforts. Call the police if you are uncertain about what is observed.

Randy adds:  I am not sure exactly what to think about this, however, if the Hendersonville Police Department is going to patrol our area, that is a good thing.  I just want you to know what is going on.

Great place to live and we can all work together in so many areas, This one included.