Directory Maintenance and Update

The website community directory
now includes all residents whether registered or not.

Note that access to the directory is still not publicly available and is limited to registered users who are logged in.

1/15/21 UPDATE: Phase 1 changes  are complete – email is now separated into 1) a unique email required for internal use (e.g. password recovery) and 2) an optional email for viewing in community directory (usually the same one but can be a shared one and not unique), Registered Users may edit their profile to add or remove optional directory information such as phone number and displayed email. Changes to the “unique email required for internal use” must  be via special request.
1/17/21 UPDATE: Phase 2 –  the public names and street addresses of “non-website-registered” community residents  have been added. Phase 3 includes ongoing tweaking registration and profile editing pages and directory formatting enhancements.


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