Editorial: The Bylaws Change Debate

Editorial: The Bylaws Change Debate

Our bylaws are geared towards the needs of what was originally intended to be a retirement condo community, but we are not just condos(?townhouses) and not all retired. We are a community, a good community, with differing individual needs and expectations for our homes and association. Our bylaws sometimes do not match with those needs, historical interpretation, or even wih common practices  The differences create confusion, some current and some potential future issues. Call for change is in the air.  I wish it was simpler but,

Please consider this in the inevitable debate over change:

  • You, me, us – WE are the Home Owners Association.
  • What do WE wish to pay for as a group in our dues and assessments? (yes, you and me pay the bills)
  • What do WE prefer to individually pay for and have control over versus our association?
  • What is simplest and makes the most sense in the natural flow of things?
  • What would best preserve and enhance the future value our community as a whole?.
  • What is an equitable transition if change is made?
  • Note that change would be easier and gentler now than after the new section in complete.
  • Be reasonable, thoughtful, and open minded. Any antipathy or disrespect affects us all.

Regardless of the outcome, we need to remain a community, a good community.


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