Hail Damage?

There is always many interpretations of what is going on in the neighborhood. This is really a good thing. It’s it great to be able to live in unity and at the same time hear what others have to say. I love it!
One of those things is Hail Damage. Some residents seem to be concerned about the hail that has recently passed through this area. I really do not remember it, but we have a well seasoned roofer who believes we had hail damage at one time.
This means that we must report this to our insurance agent, which we have done. The process is that the insurance adjuster will meet with the roofer and they will decide the next move. The roofer will show the adjuster 5 different roofs that he has found suspect.
I will ask them to look at a few more roofs.
Then based on their findings, we will look at others.
We all have concern and want to use our coverage when it is available to us.
For homeowners who carry your own insurance, you will need to contact your agent.
Those homeowners may want to wait until we meet and report back with our insurance, and if not, you may need to have the date down that you believe hail damaged your home.
I will keep you updated on our claim.
This is a great place to live, and I love living next to you.

Randy Daly