Irma Connection Kudos




A thank you note is posted below from the crowded Luyk home which was recently host to 16 of their Florida family members (plus pets)  evacuating to escape hurricane Irma.

We are completely humbled and amazed at how you all stepped up to help our family who were evacuated here from Florida facing hurricane Irma.  We have never seen or experienced before, the outpouring of love and support you all displayed during this time.  It was a difficult time for sure, but you made it so much more bearable, both by your welcoming spirit, and the outpouring of food, blankets, etc to help make the family comfortable.  As of this morning, half of the family, 4 of the 5 dogs and the couple cats have left back to Florida.  A few still without power, but have jobs they have to get back to.  The remaining family who have the available time off will be staying through the end of this weekend.  Thanks to your assistance, we have enough food to get us through and won’t require any additional “supplies” to get them through this time.  That said, your continued thoughts and prayers are appreciated for their continued time here, as well as a safe return home.  Please know that this experience has changed the way we view our home; from being in a neighborhood to being part of a true community.  We sincerely appreciate the love and support, and will do anything we can to offer that same support to you all should the need ever arise.  
Thanks again!  
Shaun and Jessica Luyk
1006 Ramble Run