Pool Finally Open

Pool Finally Open

originally published June 7 with last update June 23

On February 18th, after three years of consideration over which time 3 bids were received and a “we’re too busy to re-bid it or do it, but it needed it when we bid two years ago,” the HOA board approved the lowest bid to date to perform long overdue drain and tile repair and re-plastering of our community pool.  The contract was turned it over to MPM (the HOA’s property management company) for management. The understanding was it would be completed by Memorial Day.

The work on the pool was been inexorably slow or non-existent.  Early excuses included the third year of unseasonably frequent and heavy rains, and more recently business load and manpower issues. Neither the pool company nor our property management company were very responsive to inquiries. The word from MPM on June 4th is :”The pool updates that I have received from Taylor White this morning is that they will be getting finishing touches done today; and then installing the plaster quickly.”  And then an MPM UPDATE June 9th: “they were planning to do the plastering today. He states that this is a monolithic installation where it will take one day for installation and then the fill time that night or the next day. The weather today is not conducive to proceed. Looking at the weather forecast it may not be until Thursday before they can get out there again.

The other issue delaying the opening is the COVID-19 response. State and city COVID rules are in flux but was reviewed by the Pool and Clubhouse Committee for compliance and/or possible work around. Their wll thought out plan was hand distributed as a letter on June17. and ithe associated rules are duplicated below.  Policy will be changed and updated as the situation and guidance would deem prudent. The pool opened on the 19th.

By the way the pool passes should be received this week.

COVID-19 related pool rules

  • Use the pool at your own risk – no lifeguard or monitor is present.
  • Do not enter pool areas if positive for COVID-19, have viral symptoms (cough, temp>100.4, shortness of breath, sore throat), or have been in close contact with a COVID-19 case within the past 14 days.
  • Only Villages of Stoneybrook residents allowed at this time. No visitors or guests are permitted. Pool passes are required.
  • The maximum number of residents allowed in pool area is 10. To accommodate others, please limit your stay to 2 hours per day.
  • Pool lounge chairs are to be kept 6 feet apart unless sitting with household members.
  • Please disinfect your lounge chairs after use with the disinfectant spray provided.
  • Minors must have direct parental supervision and be able to maintain 6-foot social distancing.
  • Wearing masks in pool area is recommended. No masks are to be worn while in the pool itself.