Power-wash Cleaning VoS Concrete

The concrete of the Villages of Stoneybrook will get a power=wash cleaning beginning on April 6.

  • All common area/street sidewalks and post pads will be included.
  • Condo’s as part their higher dues will also have concrete driveway through font porch included. Note that those included condo driveways through porches need to be clear of obstructions (e.g. cars) . This does not include any other concrete (e.g. back porch)
  • The clubhouse (excluding pool area) and gazebo is also included.

The vendor has also offered special pricing at Unit Owners OWN EXPENSE for single residence units who desire power-wash cleaning of driveway through front porch, or for any unit  desiring back porch, etc.  If interested in purchasing those those additional services please call, text, or email:

Mike Downing
Refurb Services LLC