News: April 29 Work Day

News: April 29 Work Day

April 29 Workday

Wowee…. what a great group of folks we live with as neighbors!

Our work day at the clubhouse and pool, was a great success in so many ways.

We had such a great time working together and getting to know each other better and we were able to make such a difference in such a big way, and in such a short time.

Thank you to Ben Hassell, Lee Ryser, Sheree and Lou Spoltore for the use of your pressure washers and your pressure washing skills. Ben washed the brick walls around the breaker boxes, the deck and furniture at the clubhouse and the walls and sidewalks around the clubhouse, and then joined Lou and Sherree, Randy Daly, and Bill Bowen in pressure washing the clubhouse and area around the pool and sidewalk. Gilbert Woodall pressure washed the brick utility units.

Dudley Fortner and John and Leanne Mattingly took charge of the clean up around the pool and landscaping.

Meanwhile, Catherine and Mike Froyd, Lee Ryser, and Karen Daly, stained the posts and decking for the clubhouse and painted the railing on the deck, and the deck furniture.

Nick Hegeman added photo cells to the new clubhouse front porch lights and sanded down deck rails  in preparation for painting.

Cindy Bowen, Karen Daly, and Patrick Phillips hung the new lights on the pool side of the clubhouse.

The doors and casing into the clubhouse all have been restored, removing rotting wood, and replacing and painting to good as new condition. The pole lights around the pool have all been cleaned, sanded, and painted-thank you to the one who wants to remain anonymous.

Folks these repairs would have cost us thousands of dollars in accordance to what we have been charged/ and paid in the past. We have saved ourselves this money, which will add up as we all chip in our time, effort, and expertise, over the next months. We are definitely moving towards potentially reducing our homeowners fees for 2018.

For those who weren’t able to make it this time, there will be more fun to be had in the near future. We will be having a pool party soon, and another work day in the next few weeks.

Thanks again everyone!
Randy Daly