Sealing Our Roads – Means Blocked for a Day

To avoid the cost of prematurely needing re-paving (gated communities pay for their own paving), our roadways are NOW scheduled for sealing July 30th, 31st , and August 1st and the day order has been revised. To accomplish this every unit/resident’s driveway will be blocked from roadway access for the day of their sections sealing – and restricted to one lane of roadway to/from the entrance on the other days.  The schedule may be delayed for any day with >40% chance of rain, but actual total automobile access blockage should be no more than a day per unit. Caps for emphasis only: YOU MUST HAVE YOUR CAR SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR THE DAY YOUR DRIVEWAY WILL BE BLOCKED (or simply stay home). Click for Sealing Detail and Parking Suggestions by Day (a 3 page pdf file).

 July 30  — for BLUE units and adjacent roadway
July 31  –for GREEN units and adjacent roadway
 Aug 1  — for RED units and adjacent roadway
half the road when colors differ on opposite sides of the street (one day each side) and the whole road where both sides match (one day)
Sealing Schedule Map