Spam Bots

Spam Bots

Computer programs called BOTs crawling the web now represent over 50% of internet traffic. Some are good (e.g. search engine indexing) and many others are bad (e.g. spam-registrations and hacking exploits and scrapers for content and personal data like phone numbers and email addresses). is not immune .

We currently manually review and manually block over 100 spam-bot registrations to each genuine community member registration received. Additionally large numbers attempted fake login’s are attempted daily and automatically blocked by several methods. We’re adding another step on our registration and login forms to help avoid the bots workload and potential hacking of our website.

A highly effective and minimally obtrusive Google reCAPTCHA has been added to our registration and login forms. We just wanted you to know the extra measures being undertaken to ensure the security and safety of our website.

Please do let us know if you experience any problems (so we’ll know it needs fixing)..

Thank You