Stoneybrook Sounds Game

We did a Sounds Game Night on Aug 5th. What a great time!
We had hot dogs, ice cream, peanuts, cracker jacks, and more hot dogs. Maybe some beer. Some guys meet at Sedona Tap Room before hand and then joined us. Some of the tickets got us into the Brauer Lounge at the stadium. And it was rumored that there was a baseball game happening but I am not really sure about that one.
Thanks to Bill Bowen for securing the tickets and to all that attended. [editor note: and to Randy who led and coordinated the whole affair]
Michael McGinnis and granddaughter 
Randy Daly
Lou Spoltore
Carl Randall
Tom Gebka
Gilbert Woodall
Ricky Barnett
Michael Pickering
Gary Koetters
Bob Walsh
Ben Hassell
Adam Foit
James Donoho
Kevin Johnson