The Roofers are Coming!


After many months and many hurdles we are ready to start replacing a large number of roofs in Stoneybrook.
I realize that very statement brings to mind, “How is this going to effect me?”
Here is the process as of today.
The Insurance company has approved many but not all of the homes that we have covered. It, as you can imagine, is a process.
One of the first things I realizes when I joined the board, was that we have so many talented, gifted and experienced residents that live here. All we need to do is recognize those talents and them utilize them.
Mike McGinnis and Mick Cruce have 1000″s of years of experience (well maybe closer to 80) in insurance and insurance claims. These men have not only been on both sides of claims, but I am pretty sure that they wrote the book. If you are like me, all I want to know is when will you pay.
This team knows how insurance companies work and how they lead the insured through a claim. We are in good hands. They are working with our insurance to assure that each home is correctly benefited, according to our policy.
As the claims are settled and the money is released, Holland Home Improvement will begin the removal and roofing of each unit.
This will begin this week according to the weather!
Golf Club Circle has all been approved and will start on Monday. They will start with Dickson, Shackleford and Ryser and then the next week on around the Circle. I will keep those owners aware and let them know that roofers start at 7 AM. Curtis Holland will place boards down on the right side of each drive and then a dumpster will be set on the boards. This will block 1/2 of the driveway as they work. Curtis will remove items from decks as necessary and also cover the decks and area around the unit. He has assured me that they will leave every unit clean and neat.
We are blessed to have this insurance claim which will save us 100″s of thousands of dollars. This is a great place to live, thanks for joining me here!
Randy Daly