We’re Getting a Traffic Light

We’re Getting a Traffic Light

It appears that all the work of the groups lobbying for for a traffic light at Stop Thirty and Gallatin Road has paid off.

It was supported by the Mayor as a priority and by both our aldermen. Scott Spruce asked the PW director to include it and it made it through the process.

The 2018-2019 City budget was approved effective July 1 and has on its last page (see below) a Public Works capital project with $225,000 allocated for “Stop Light at Stop Thirty and Gallatin Road”

Supposedly the installation will occur some time this fall.

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  1. One of our alderman is Hamilton (Ham) Frost and he has been working along side our city council to secure our traffic light. He has agreed to keep up to speed on this news with regular updates. His recent email submitted below:

    July 25, 2018


    Late this afternoon I had a conversation with our Public Works director concerning a number of issues. One of the topics was the light at Gallatin Rd. and Bluegrass Commons. He wanted me to know the design and engineering was back and our engineers were going over the specs to make any necessary comments and concerns. After our engineers are finished ( about 2 weeks ) this will be forwarded to TDOT for their approval.

    After the approval from TDOT is received it will then go out on the street for construction bids. I am very pleased with the movement on this and am looking forward to the completed project. Depending on TDOT the PW director stills believes that October is the earliest date for completion and January is the latest.

    Hamilton Frost Alderman Ward 5 / Vice-Mayor
    Hamilton Frost
    Alderman Ward 5 / Vice-Mayor

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